Cometcountdown counts down perihelions for periodic comets. is devoted to storing data about periodic comets while counting down every possible perihelion .

We show a live comet countdown timer under our banner that counts down to the next passing of a specific comet that you have chosen.

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What's a periodic comet?

Well, they are just that, they are periodic comets. They are normal comets that have an orbit of a larger object and they return to a point that is relatively close to the object of their orbit at known regular intervals.

The first prediction of a comets return and indeed the most famous comet is Halley's comet which was discovered by  Edmond Halley in 1705 and having an orbital period of 75-76 years.

Halley's comet has continued to mystify and encourage our imaginations for countless generations.

Since the discovery of Halley's comet we have become quite good at predicting a periodic comets return. 


That's what is about we count down comet returns.


We have a live comet countdown timer which shows below the banner image on most pages of our website .

The countdown accurately counts down to the next perihelion (comets return) for a specific comet on the list.

You can choose a new comet to count down from the drop down box/list and the timer will automatically update the countdown and the "More information" link.

The "more information" link can be used to find more comet specific information for the comet you have selected. Alternatively you can go to the Comet page which has a complete list of our archive or use the search box to find something more specific.